About Artists Entries

Not all artists represented in the fine and decorative arts collections have entries in A to Z. Many of the artists have profiles in Art UK and these artists only have A to Z entries where there is a particular association with Towneley.

Pre-1900 Continental European oil paintings in the UK's public collections are recorded in the VADS Nice collection database. A precis of the text for the Towneley entries, written by Lisa Howard in 2007 are included in A to Z.

Links to resources for sculptors include BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF. SCULPTORS IN BRITAIN. 1660 - 1851 and Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland 1851-1951 . Sculptors included in these links and represented at Towneley have a summary of these entries included in A to Z.

Where the artist is included in the Getty Research Institute Union List of Artist Names ( ULAN) , the preferred name is used in any A to Z entry.

Some of the artist not recorded in ULAN are local artists with no professional art qualification. Where there is no information about them found other than in local newspapers, they are recorded in A to Z under the subject name Local Artists.

Author: tk - September 2018