About Towneley Family Entries

A to Z does not attempt to provide entries covering all members of the Towneley family. Rather the aim is to provide background information on the objects in the museum collections that have Towneley family associations or on those members who have left some mark on the building up until 1902.

Richard Towneley (1387-1454), who fought at the battle of Agincourt in 1415, may have started building on the Towneley Hall site but it is most likely that the earliest part of the building we see today, the South wing, was completed by his son John Towneley (1415-c1473) in the 1450s. Sir John Towneley (1473-1540) who added the chapel around 1532 represents the earliest individual Towneley Family A to Z entry on account of a stone displaying his coat of arms in the Servants' Hall.

A detailed account of the family genealogy going back to the 13th century, Tracing the Towneleys 2004 , is available as a pdf from www.atoz.myzen.co.uk/towneley/downloads .

Author: tk - August 2016