Arms and armour

There are over 300 objects from a variety of sources including edge weapons and guns.

The collection consists entirely of gifts, the earliest being given in 1906 and the latest in 1984. The collection is recorded in the Modes database with a Object Identity template name of amuse_AA.

The main part of this collection is part of a Life Guard's uniform from the 1870s consisting of breast plate, back plate, shoulder straps, helmet with plume and pouch, which belonged to Richard Henry Towneley (1849-1877).

The edge weapons includes around 50 swords and 50 scabbards, over 100 knives (including bayonets and daggers) plus a small number of axes and spears. There are around 60 guns, most of which are no longer capable of firing.

Included in the arms are 16 truncheons including one used by Special Constable George H. Dewhurst whose beat was round Towneley Park during World War I.

Author: tk - August 2016