Archibald Bird (1885-1966)

Archibald Bird worked in Stonebridge Mill, Colne and B.T.H. Colne. He exhibited in Local Artists exhibitions at Towneley between 1909 and 1913. He clearly thought himself a good painter because by 1913 he was asking up to 22 guineas for his best work. He later had a studio above Boots Shop, Market Street, Colne and gave painting lessons. There is one work by him in the oil collection paoil335a , which may be "Morning on the River" exhibited at Towneley in 1910.

His grandson, Mr Garrett, 3 Higgin Street, Colne, was interviewed around 1980 when he had three other examples of his grandfather's work. Titles of work exhibited at Towneley included

Author: tk - August 2016