Commemorative Medallions

There are around 320 medallions that commemorate local or national events. They are normally in store.

Among the earliest gifts were three cases of facsimile English historical medallions loaned by the British Museum in 1903, which the Sub-committee requested to be donated at the end of the first exhibition. (It is not clear if these were donated at the time but they were listed in exhibition catalogues from 1920.)

About a third of the collection commemorate royal events from the golden jubilee of King George III in 1809 to the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977.

The collection was formally recorded in the accession registers around 1968 with more additions up to 1989 but as of August 2018 this collection has not been added to the Modes database. The pages from md16 covering the commemorative medals can be downloaded as a pdf from

Author: tk - August 2016