Group of Connoisseurs by Richard Cosway (1742-1821)

This conversation piece, in which Charles Townley and his friends discuss ancient sculpture was painted by Richard Cosway in 1775 when Townley was living in Whitehall.

In Charles Townley's account book there is an item for 14/10/1775 - "To Mr. Cosway for his picture with 6 portraits £100".

The people from left to right are

It is believed this picture was painted in Cosway's studio rather than Charles Townley's house in Whitehall. The house itself was quite small and the rococo chair in which Chase Price is sitting appears in other paintings by Cosway. The chair by Matthias Lock is now in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The work was purchased as lot 75 Christie's, June 1st 1956 ( Pa/Oil 195 ).

Author: tk - October 2018