Bound copy of the catalogue of exhibitions at Towneley, 1903-1920

After the first exhibition, which opened on 20th May, 1903, there were normally two exhibitions a year that opened around spring and autumn and ran for around four or five months. These were called the Summer and Winter exhibitions but depending upon the opening date some were titled the Spring or Autumn exhibitions. The winter exhibition catalogues did not sell well and were usually not published after 1906 (see Art Gallery and Museum sub-committee minutes). A small number of special exhibition catalogues have been bound into the book. details:

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Overall condition : Condition of cover poor, spine cover torn off;
variety of sizes of paper, none with original covers, no contents index;
a few of the individual catalogues with pages cut-out or entirely missing but most in good condition.

Size : heigh x width 222 x 155 mm.

Author: tk - August 2016