Historical Interpretation

The display rooms at Towneley are divided into themes: Life In The Hall and Collections. The Life In The Hall displays relate to the Towneley family and the history of the building at various points in the hall’s history.

In the Entrance Passage the visitors are introduced to five figures from different historic periods who help to mark the route around the house. These figures appear in appropriate places around the house to indicate the historic rooms. Information about the choice of these figures Towneley Family - notes for interpretation is available as a pdf from www.atoz.myzen.co.uk/museum/downloads.

One additional figure not covered by these notes is also the best known member of the family - Charles Townley (1737-1805). His figure is taken the oil painting the Group of Connoisseurs by Cosway.

Charles, John and Richard were often used when choosing the names of the sons of the Towneley family and identifying each individual can be a problem. Starting with John and Mary Towneley whose painting of 1603 is displayed in the Towneley Room, it is simple to moved through three generations at a time to their great grandson Richard Towneley (1629-1707), Richard's great grandson John Towneley (1731-1813) and John's great granddaughter Alice Towneley, Lady O'Hagan. Other members of the family can then be more easily identified by their relation to these key family members, for example Charles Townley was John's nephew and his father, William Towneley (1714-1742) was John's elder brother.

Author: tk - August 2016