Long Gallery Bedrooms

The bedrooms in the Long Gallery were created around 1700. Bedrooms 3 and 5 retain the original wood panelling, that in Bedroom 5 being more richly carved. For more on the architecture of these bedrooms see The Four Chambers in Chapter Two of "An Architectural History of Towneley Hall" by W. John and Kit Smith, published by Heritage Trust for the North West in 2004.

Initially the bedrooms displayed a wide variety of objects but from 1931 the main purpose of all four bedrooms was to display antique furniture and this has continued into the 21st century. All the bedroom doors have been removed but the one for Bedroom 5 survives and is in storage at Towneley.

Between bedrooms 4 and 5 is a small dressing room, named the Blue Dressing Room. It has never been used as a display room and and now stores costumes that are part of the Textiles collection.

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Author: tk - August 2016