Francis Lynch (1866-1932)

Francis Lynch trained at Burnley Mechanics Institute School of Art between 1881 and 1890. There he qualified as an art master by gaining an art master's certificate, group I. Until August 1914, he renovated and painted old churches on the continent. On the outbreak of war he returned to Burnley before later moving to Ireland as art master at the Central Technical School , Tralee. He returned to Burnley in 1925 as an asistant art master at Burnley School of Art. There is an obituary in the Burnley Express, March 30th 1932 page 7.

He is represented in the collections by two portraits of local personalities. There is also a copy of the painting of John and Mary Towneley (paoil39), which according a letter he wrote to the Burnley Express in 1925 was painted by him for Lady O'Hagan in 1890.

Author: tk - August 2016