Peregrine Edward Towneley (1762-1846)

 Peregrine Edward Towneley

Peregrine was the only son of John Towneley (1731-1813). When he inherited the Towneley estate in 1813, he began to modernise Towneley Hall. The modernisation was planned and executed by Jeffry Wyatt and have created the external appearance of Towneley Hall today including the castellations and front porch with the servants' passageway below it.

For more details of changes at Towneley during Peregrine's time see Chapter 6 Peregrine Towneley (1762-1846) And His Architect Jeffry Wyatt in "An Architectural History of Towneley Hall" by W. John and Kit Smith, published by Heritage Trust for the North West in 2004.

There are five copies of an engraving by W H Egleton after a painting by E. Walter Mackey in the print collection.

Author: tk - August 2016