The Regency Rooms

Red Drawing Room

The South Wing is the earliest part of the house with the courtyard wall dating from the 15th century but in 1812 Jeffry Wyatt modernised the house, creating two rooms on the ground floor that are now known as the Regency Rooms,
(see An Introduction to the Architectural History of Towneley Hall )

For most of the 19th century, they were known as the Blue and Red Drawing Rooms. Around 1900, the Blue Drawing Room became the Green Drawing Room but when the first exhibition opened in 1903, these two rooms became Rooms I and II and the bedrooms in the "Long Gallery" became Rooms III to VI.

Rooms I and II were filled with showcases until the 1970s when it became the policy to collect Regency furniture. The rooms became known as the Regency Rooms and started to be used less for display of the collections other than the oil painting and sculpture in order to be used more for events. Since 2002, Towneley has been used for civil weddings in the Red Drawing Room.

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Author: tk - August 2016