Servants' Hall

The Servants' Hall is a common room for domestic workers in any large house. At Towneley, in the 19th century, it served the servants as both sitting room and dining room.

In 1923, due to alterations to create the watercolour gallery on the second floor,an 18th century fireplace was moved here together with a sixteenth century stone plaque. This stone was the coat of arms of Sir John Towneley (1473-1540). The room was first opened to the public in 1925 in order to display the Booth Collection.

It was necessary to strengthen the ceiling in 1955 by adding the two wooden pillars. The room was then transformed into a period room with the addition of antique furniture and lanterns. The large livery cupboard fuan119 was purchased in 1955 specifically for display in this room. Only the refectory table fuan003 had previously been at Towneley in the 19th century.

There has been little change to this room since 1955 in terms of the display of the museum's collections. In recent times the main use has been in support of events and modern tables and chairs have been introduced to provide seating when providing refreshments for these events.

Author: tk - August 2016