Sir John Towneley (1473-1540)

Arms of Sir John Towneley and Isabella Pilkington

A stone plaque showing the arms of Sir John Towneley and his first wife, Isabella Pilkington of Gateford in Nottinghamshire, was placed over the fireplace in the Servants' Hall around 1923, having previously been in a bedroom on the second floor of the north wing that made way for the Stocks Massey Gallery.

Sir John built the Chapel around 1532 and probably the plaque was originally displayed outside the chapel before the chapel was moved to its present location in the 18th century.

Sir John appears to have used Hapton Tower as his main residence, much of Towneley having been built after his death. For more about Sir John see Tracing the Towneleys 2004 , available as a pdf from .

Author: tk - August 2016