The South Tower

The South Tower was built along with the Great Hall, North Tower and North Wing around 1620 to 1628. The two towers carry staircases giving access to their adjoining wings, to the roof—space over the Great Hall and to some small service/storerooms. For more see The West and North Wings. . .1607-1628 - Chapter Two of "An Architectural History of Towneley Hall" by W. John and Kit Smith, published by Heritage Trust for the North West in 2004.

The original staircase in the South wing was replaced by the Cantilever Staircase around one hundred years later. A small room on the ground floor, the Green Parlour is accessed from the south corner of the Great Hall. Immediately above it is the Priest's Hide and above that is the South Tower Bedroom.

At the top of the tower is access to Roof Area over the Great Hall together with a store room (the South Tower Store ) used for the Archaeology Collection.

Author: tk - August 2016