Strachey Family

In 1911, Maurice O'Hagan married Frances Constance Strachey. In 1921, he inherited the Towneley heirlooms on the death of his mother, Lady O'Hagan.

In 1938, his son, Thomas Anthony Edward Towneley-O'Hagan, changed his surname by Deed Poll to that of his mother. He died before his father Maurice and in 1961 his elder son, Charles Towneley Strachey inherited the O'Hagan barony as the 4th Lord O'Hagan and also the remaining Towneley family heirlooms.

In 2001, he gave some of the heirlooms to his daughter Hon. Nino Strachey and these have been loaned to Towneley including the Todmorden Bed and 19th century Towneley inventories. A number of Towneley sculptures, previously on loan since 1926, were purchased in 2008.

Author: tk - August 2016