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Although there have been many valuable and scholarly publications by conservators and art historians in the Low Countries and Germany, surviving altar-pieces have stimulated little consistent interest until very recently. The exhibition in Antwerp Cathedral in 1993 provided the first major overview of Antwerp altar-piece production since the pioneering work of Comte Joseph de Borchgrave d'Altena earlier this century. This exhibition, together with the publication last year of the first general book on Netherlandish carved altar-piece production, has signalled the resurgence of interest in this particular art form and helped to put it on the art historical map. Collectors, however, have been ahead of art historians in the value they have placed on these works. From the early years of the nineteenth century Antwerp carved altar-pieces were sought by an admittedly limited but by no means insignificant group of collectors both on the Continent and in England.

South west side of hall roof area
South west side of hall roof area

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  • South west side of hall roof area
  • Animal heads stored in hall roof area
  • Chandalier housing in hall roof area
  • Turret clock mechanism in hall roof area

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