Towneley Room

 pedigree chart in Towneley Room

The Towneley Room is the room used to display part of the fine art collections associated with the Towneley family. It was first opened in 1955 in the room now known as the Burnley Room on the first floor of the North wing. Since 2002 it has been located next door in the part of the four-story tower added around 1851.

In 1870, these two rooms were Alice Towneley's bedroom and sitting room. The room was first used to display the W. T. Taylor Collection but from the 1970s was the curator's office until the opening of the new wing.

One object that has been on permanent display in the Towneley Room since 1955 is the framed Towneley pedigree chart. It was drawn by Mr G. Parkinson, a member of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators and an attendant at Towneley until 1964. Since 2002, a table and chairs have been placed in the room for visitors to sit and read printed documents about the Towneley family.

Author: tk - August 2016