Wild About Burnley Room

The Wild About Burnley Room displays part of Towneley's natural history collection with particular emphasis on the local wildlife. The room, next to the Family Dining Room on the first floor of the north wing, was created in 1905 by removing a lath and plaster partition between what was previously two sitting rooms.

Initially called the North Room, it was used from 1907 to display local history records and became known as the Old Burnley Room. By 1920 it had expanded to become the "Old Burnley" Rooms, overflowing into the current Burnley Room next door. By the 1980s, documents and photographs were no longer part of a permanent display and the "Old Burnley" display was retired to make way for more temporary displays.

In the 1984 guide book it was called the Parlour although neither of the original rooms had been given that name during the time of the Towneley family.

Author: tk - August 2016